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Do you talk about money with your children?


Getting Families Talking About Money

Welcome to our Financial Literacy Month hub. We know that both parents and teachers have a role to play in building financial knowledge.

This is a place where families can find unbiased tools and tips to help Manitobans start talking about money – together. There’s a little something for everyone so check it out!

For Parents

Our easy-to-use Make it Count guide helps parents set good lifelong money habits.

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For Teachers

Get these terrific lesson plans to incorporate money matters into your existing classes.

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Record Keeping

Getting your financial documents organized is an important way to start a discussion with your family.

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Talking RESP’s

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Fraud in Manitoba, and across Canada, is considered an under-reported crime. While studies have shown 20% of Manitobans have been approached with a fraud attempt, only about 30% will take time to report it.