Don’t become a victim of fraud

If you are considering an investment opportunity, protect yourself from becoming a victim of investment fraud by following these simple tips.


Types of Fraud

Being aware of common scams and schemes can give you an advantage if you or someone you know is being targeted by fraudsters.


Report Investment Fraud

Even if you’re not considering an “investment”, take the time to bring suspicious activity to our attention.


Protecting Seniors

Financial abuse is the most common type of abuse suffered by older Manitobans, affecting 4–10% of this group.


Financial scams and fraud are a sad fact of life in Canada. Nearly 5% of Manitobans have been a victim of fraud, and one in five Manitobans have been approached with a fraud attempt.

Know how to protect yourself and be aware of the types of fraud to avoid.

If you believe you’re being targeted by investment, real estate or insurance fraud, contact the Manitoba Financial Services Agency anti-fraud hotline at 1-855-FRAUD-MB or 1-855-372-8362.



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